Friday, January 7, 2011

Blogger Style Now: Isa Rodrigues

Some of my favorite bloggers of the moment work quietly behind the scenes, fine-tuning their craft and writing without all of the hoopla of twitter and social media. Isa Rodrigues blogs and tells stories about textiles and fiber the same way that she might weave a new sample of cloth or pick wildflowers for a vat of natural dye in a community-based workshop.

Isa is a textiles conservator, master natural dye-er, and a regular blogger for Brooklyn's Textile Arts Center blog. She also is the resident studio manager at TAC, and if you are ever lucky enough to visit or take a class there, you might see her working out a new weaving problem like the delicate one pictured below.

I love how Isa's writing speaks to her love for textiles and a wealth of information that she has amassed here in the US and abroad. She is also refreshingly humble, though with a dry sense of (Portuguese?) humor that I am probably just catching on to.

You can follow Isa and her knowledgeable colleagues, specifically the industrious Owyn Ruck, on TAC's blog daily. If ever there was a way to wake up and feel good about life, it is with a bit of warp and weft input from the people who know their craft.

Follow Isa and her colleagues on the Textile Art Center's blog here.

*images courtesy of Brooklyn Skillshare, TAC & Isa Rodrigues