Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Does Sustainable Fashion Need A Conspiracy?

"We cannot assume that the world will simply make a turn for the better. Just as we cannot count on the grey majority of the population to develop ethical and ecological awareness overnight.
We appeal to your bravery and your willingness to stand for the good things, to overthrow politics, and assume responsibility as a member of a global, sustainable, and rational consumer group.
To achieve this we must join forces and organize a conspiracy and spread the good in a Trojan horse of beauty."
The above quote is from THE KEY.TO's mission statement for the upcoming gathering this week during Berlin Fashion Week. I will be traveling to Berlin tomorrow to visit THE KEY as well as numerous fashion events and designer shows. As we look ahead to new and improved definitions for sustainable fashion and design during 2011, a 'conspiracy' might be just what we need, or at least some lasting goodness disguised as beauty. This is what I am searching for. Join me.

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