Monday, January 24, 2011

Reet Aus Launches 'Trash To Trend' Upcycling Platform

Reet Aus @ Ambient Space, London (photo by Gabriel Wood)
As announced at The KEY.TO in Berlin last week, Estonian ethical fashion designer, Reet Aus, has officially launched Trash to Trend, a new upcycling initiative which examines improved solutions for the use of textile waste.

"Reet and her team are building a new platform for the industry where manufacturers and shops can submit information on their industrial leftovers and unsold stockist. Sustainable fashion designers can then access this information and use desired raw material for their own collections. This way materials that otherwise would be considered as waste or end up in the landfill or burnt, shall have a new life. This platform will also serve as data source for fashion industry related background information."

Do not miss this preview of an upcoming documentary on Reet Aus and her textile upcycling crusade and life as an ethical fashion designer in Estonia and beyond.

Out Of Fashion -documentary trailer from Reet Aus on Vimeo.


Ms Wanda said...

Great idea - keep us posted if you can on how this works out. Hope it's a big success!

Judy said...

this is a very good idea. when done right, eco-friendly fashion can still be trendy and helping the earth. you'll definitely have to let us know how this works out.

Abigail Doan said...

Thanks for your enthusiasm and comments, Ms. Wanda and Judy. I will definitely keep you posted on any developments/updates that I receive re: Reet's latest initiative.

Best wishes ~ A.