Friday, February 25, 2011

How I Wear Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry

My husband just returned to Sofia after a week in NYC for work. As part of the care package that traveled back to Bulgaria, I received this amazing one-of-a-kind luxe beaded cuff from designer Andrea Gutierrez

How gorgeous is this cuff piece and it's surface texture and topography of recycled beads, gems, and vintage finds? It looks fantastic with my old winter tweed coat as I walk down the cobbled streets of our quiet neighborhood. 

Dried vines, dessicated winter leaves, and moody Eastern European skies really come to life when I am wearing it. Andrea's work has been featured in Coco Eco magazine as well as on celebrities and women in the know globally. This was just the sort of wardrobe injection that I needed as I transition to a spring state of mind.

Thank you so much, Andrea, for your support and your hard work as a designer finding innovative ways to recycle cast-off materials while also adding some genuine beauty to our fragile though resilient landscape and the roads we all travel.

Learn more about Andrea Gutierrez on the designer's Facebook page.

*photos by Abigail Doan

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Andrea said...

Gorgeous photos and lovely text !Thank-you Abigail! Wear it in good health and with joy.