Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Istanbul Bound

One of a kind felt hats by Cocoon in Istanbul
BOA Studio's hand drawn illustrations on organic pamuk (cotton)

I am very excited to be off to Istanbul tomorrow for new textile research projects as well as a visit with BOA Studio and Atelier 55. The weather has turned gorgeous in this part of the world, so the timing is perfect for this long overdue pilgrimage. Stay tuned for more details on what I discover and soak up in one of the most magical and inviting cities on the planet.

Gorgeous interior of Atelier 55 in Galata/Istanbul

*See you from the Bosphorus*

1 comment:

Tea For Two said...

Gorgeous jacket. The illustrations are so quirky and bold, I'd love them on all the plain white stuff I own.

Good luck in Istanbul. I'm visiting in the summer, can't wait either.