Friday, February 4, 2011

MuMu Organic from Greece

It's pretty fantastic that sustainable fashion has now reached far-flung outposts such as Syros, Greece, in the Cyclades Islands southeast of Athens. MuMu organic is a fresh fashion breeze in a region known for its endless blue skies and cobalt-blue waters. MuMu's organic cotton and hemp silk designs are all made locally as a reflection of the sustainable components that go into contemporary island living and shared resources within a community.

With a commitment to using fair-trade, eco-friendly fabrics, designer Athena Bentila, is making a real name for herself in her own island paradise and on distant shores globally. Her commitment to using only the finest materials is evident in each piece that she thoughtfully constructs and produces in limited quantities.

MuMu organic is now available on the Australian ethical fashion site, Blue Caravan, as well as on etsy. MuMu SS 2011 promises more vibrant hues, playful patterns, and a very fine lappet voile in organic cotton. The perfect way to escape to Greece without having to even leave home. Stay tuned for updates on MuMu's website in March 2011.

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