Thursday, February 24, 2011

Review of Sasha Duerr's Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes

image via Adie + George

Please enjoy my review of Sasha Duerr's amazing new book, The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes, on EcoSalon. Here is an excerpt from my exclusive interview:

"Sasha is one of the leading experts on natural plant dyes and home-brewed recipes for creating customized color palettes that also touch on eco-literacy and bio-regional awareness. Identifying non-toxic dye materials that reside in your own kitchen, garden, or urban plot goes hand in hand with all of the focus and research one might put into shopping for and preparing organic foods. This is the first book that really highlights why fashion and food are intertwined, and why we can no longer afford to view textiles and clothing as something other than the underlying fiber of our everyday lives and shared communities."

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iNdi@na said...

i've thought for a long time that food and dyeing are inextricably linked
witness the English - Euro penchant for boiling that is reflected in Oz planr dyes

Japanese indigo vs soy curd

Australian indigenous pasting of ochres....