Tuesday, February 1, 2011

'Snake and Molting' Legwear by Camille Cortet

There is no doubt that February is the month when we begin fantasizing about shedding our layers and sloughing off winter skin in preparation for the warmer days ahead. 

Designer Camille Cortet wants to aid in this process with her Snake and Molting legwear, designed out of laser cut fabric that shows cumulative wear and tear based on the user's activity.

Snake and Molting legwear is part of Cortet's 'Transformations: Body Ornaments' series. 

The designer states, "By observing animals’ transformations we understand their behaviours, and ... thus start a process of transformation. My process is to (simulate) these animal inspired behaviours in 3 stages: copying, merging, and translating. The translation stage is about adapting these behaviours to our own culture. It is a way to create new gestures and a new body language within clothing and ornaments."

If biomimicry is what it takes to get you through the last stretch of winter, by all means slither around in some conceptual legwear that will not only be a conversation starter, but leave you feeling lighter as you snake your way into spring 2011.

via Dezeen

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