Thursday, March 31, 2011

Artisan Made Mochila Bags by annie O. boutique

I find these Colombian-made Mochila bags made for annie O. boutique to be absolutely remarkable. If anything epitomizes the perfect fusion between fashionable accessories and exceptional artisan textile crafting, it is these traditional, message-encoded bags. Annie Waterman, the founder of annie O. boutique describes on her site:

Mochila bags take about a month to complete and they are intimately linked to Wayuu life and their philosophy. They represent a circular cosmology where there is no before and after, but only threads of life spun from one cycle and woven into the next. Mochilas are also practical in everyday life and are used to carry food, water, and even the woven hammocks known as chinchorros. 

To the Wayuu, weaving symbolizes the endless cycle of life. The matriarchal Wayuu people of Colombia and Venezuela have been weaving these beautiful bags for generations – both for their bright, geometric beauty, and for the deep spiritual message they convey. 

Also quite inspiring are these hand-woven fiber cuffs / one size fits all.

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a.m. said...

ahh LOVE these bags!!!

Chris said...

I have a large collection of these bags and absolutely love them. I actually sell them too. Please check out styles at