Monday, March 7, 2011

Intergalatic Vegan Style by olsen Haus

olsen Haus 'Galaxy' vegan heel

I will soon be making the transition from my winter lair here in Eastern Europe to the bustle of NYC and friends who I miss dearly as well as some great upcoming art/fashion events for Spring 2011. The prospect of picking up a pair of these olsen Haus 'Galaxy' vegan heels on hold at Cow Jones Industrials boutique in Chatham, NY, is really keeping me going during this last stretch of slushy winter.

Check out the entire olsen Haus Spring 2011 lookbook here. The 'Galaxy' heel will soon be available at Cow Jones Industrials. The offerings for ethical fashion are increasingly seductive and out of this world.

I am pumped about progress like this.

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Slow Fashioned said...

I love Olsen Haus! Not only are they constantly making sexy shoes, but they have been taking great steps towards sustainability. Last season they even introduced materials made from recycled TVs!