Monday, April 25, 2011

Afia's New Capsule Collection to be Debuted at Guilded

Cannot wait to attend the official debut of the Afia collection at Guilded in NYC on May 5th. Created out of traditional West African textiles by pattern makers in Chicago and NYC in conjunction with the fair trade Dzidefo Women's Cooperative in the village of Kpando, Ghana, Afia's Summer 2011 capsule collection is the creative vision of designer Meghan Sebold.

All of these stunningly bold fabrics are sourced from small vendors in Ghana, and as part of 'urban indigenous' chic and sustainable production storytelling, create a bridge to 'history, proverbs, moral values, and social codes' with their traditional, though contemporary, motifs.

For more information on the upcoming May 5th event and a line up of other designers who will be participating visit Guilded's event page. And isn't model Fardosa Mohamed, gorgeous?

Images courtesy of Afia / credits are as follows: 

Design: Meghan Sebold
Photography: James de Leon
Model: Fardosa Mohamed
Editing: Evan Felts
Styling: Julianna Vezzetti
Assisting: Elizabeth Cloyd and Jackson Tonti
Jewelry: Liten Blomma by Jessica and J.M.V.

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Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

Such a beautiful style... I wish you all the best with your show on May 5th!