Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Off The Grid: Mini Chain Mail Bag by Heather Heron

There is nothing hotter than a sun-kissed fashion designer who heads off to the desert to do her own photo shoot for a rock-solid collection called, Off The Grid. Heather Heron's latest bags and clutches were all designed in a solar-powered glass house that is 'off the grid' and sustainably modern.

keepsake inspiration crafted in the raw by HH
(includes a removable strap to convert to a mini clutch)

The HH bag pictured above is made from botanically dyed hemp, chain mail, and lush leathers. The designer's inspiration for this latest collection's shoot? Sensations and memories that are "raw, grounded, and sexy ala 70's polaroids like my favorite photos of my mother from back in the day."

*for more inspiration read HH's journal and all the great press of recent


Lisa @FishyFaceDesigns said...

Thank you for introducing me to such a great fashion designer, her "off the Grid" collection... ROCKS! I think the solar powered glass house is so exciting... I admire that and strive to continue taking more steps... No small mention either...Love her cluthes!!

Sara said...

Sigh. Want.