Thursday, June 30, 2011

Berlin (Eco) Fashion Week: July 2011

Mikenke at the GREENshowroom Salonshow (January 2011)

The guide to eco fashion at upcoming Berlin Fashion Week, 5th to 10th of July, 2011, is viewable here. Most events and designer showcases will take place between the 6th to 8th next week. Exciting news that the Ethical Fashion Show will exhibit in conjunction with the GREENshowroom at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski. I will not be attending the eco festivities in Berlin, but I will be traveling to Europe very soon. See you on the other side of the pond for updates on new art/fashion/textile writing projects and travels for the remainder of 2011. 

Mikenke at the GREENshowroom Salonshow (January 2011)

*images courtesy of Mikenke and GREENshowroom

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Workshop Chicago Launches Online Boutique

Some exciting news from Annie Novotny of Frei Designs and Workshop Chicago. The beloved Pilsen neighborhood boutique founded by this pioneering sustainable fashion designer, educator, and advocate for community outreach, is launching a new online store featuring select collections and accessories also available at the shop. is the next phase for the boutique, creating an online presence to facilitate wider accessibility to the sustainable lines that workshop offers. Novotny's line, Frei Designs, is the main collection for sale on the site, along with the work of several local jewelry designers and hand-picked, vintage accessories.

Although not quite two years old, workshop has grown into something far beyond retail – a community space with engaging window displays and installations by local artists. Workshop also offers regular classes, literary readings, and social discussions. In addition to the online shop, will also serve as a central online calendar of events for interactive community experiences at the brick and mortar space in the Pilsen neighborhood.
More designs will be added to during the month of July. Bookmark it now for inspiring finds and news.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fischer Clothing Collections for 2011

Designer Kristina Angelozzi of Fischer Clothing is crafting some serious American style that one can be proud of. In these times of global uncertainty and economic blues, it is reassuring to find a designer who understands what it takes to ride out the tidal swells of fashion.

All of the above pieces from Fischer Clothing's Spring 2011 collection are timeless in quality construction, fabric selection, and pure versatility. Looking ahead to Fall 2011, the designer has mixed in more gorgeous prints and modern, soft silhouettes.

You can shop Fischer Clothing online as well as follow their latest news on Facebook. All images courtesy of the designer.

Photography: Edwin Tse
Hair / Makeup: 
Stephanie Peterson
Geeta Patel

Friday, June 24, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: Cow Jones Industrials Boutique

I am excited to announce that every Friday Ecco*Eco will feature cruelty-free fashion and news stories as a way to explore the progress made in ethical fashion and our ongoing compassion for the animal kingdom. I am not a devout vegan, but quite a few of my dearest friends are, and as part of my research on 'fashioning self and the environment', I feel that it is critical to highlight this vital component of the ethical fashion dialogue.

First up in this regular feature is Cow Jones Industrials Boutique in Chatham, New York. Thoughtfully curated by owner and devoted animal rights activist, Donna Oakes, this smart vegan outpost is a must visit for anyone traveling through the beautiful Hudson Valley. I was lucky enough to visit Donna this past Monday, and I have highlighted some of my favorite finds and designers, available at the shop as well as online.

A Perfume Organic fragrances sitting pretty at Cow Jones
GG2G Gyoza clutch in black made from salvaged restaurant seating 

My favorite purchase during my visit was Vaute Couture's 'Widen the Circle' tee, already a huge hit at this week's yoga class. You can follow stories and promotions posted by Cow Jones Industrials on their Facebook page. Do not miss their current fundraising collaboration with Liz Marshall for her upcoming documentary, The Ghosts In Our Machine.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Return To Nature Or A New Dawn In Fashion?

Alba 02 / site specific installation in rural Italy by Abigail Doan

I am so honored to be a part of a transformative dialogue on EcoSalon this week in an article written by Amy DuFault for her five part series on the post-recession fashion industry. In this latest installment, Amy asks the important question, "Now more than ever, is eco-fashion inextricably linked to conscious connections with land and place?" Follow this trail for an inspiring read and some valuable insight into fashioning the future and a new dawn in our connectedness with the environment and identity.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Italian-Made Ruphus 'Tees Collection'

I love these super versatile accessories  by Torino-based designer, Ruphus Collection. Their  braided and knotted necklaces are handmade out of recycled jersey tees. Embellishments  include tiny glass beads and grey gunmetal rings. You can shop the collection here, along with a selection of unique headband accessories. Bravissima!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

'Wires 10.0' Collection by Jantine van Peski

Jantine van Peski 's 'WIRES 10.0' collection is all the rage at Studio Job Gallery in Antwerp. The Dutch designer's latest designs are influenced by textile sculptures from the 1970's and macramé-handcrafting.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Permacouture + UC Botanical Garden 2011 Green Gala

     Equisetum Inspiration by Adie + George
    Equisetum Inspiration by Adie + George
A Slow Fashion Collection Inspired by UC Berkeley's Botanical Specimens

"Regenerative design nurtures awareness, accountability and responsibility in our approach to clothing through the use of plant-based dyes and fibers, and reclaimed textiles. The 2011 UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley, Green Gala Fashion Show, curated by the Permacouture Institute, features talented designers with sustainable methods who are designing unique pieces inspired from the Garden’s global plant collection.” - via the Permacouture Institute

Stay tuned for more photos and follow up coverage on today's Green Gala fashion show at the UC Berkeley Botanical Garden redwood amphitheater.

*images courtesy of Adie + George and the Permacouture Institute

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wieteke Opmeer at Fashionclash Maastricht 2011

 Wieteke Opmeer 'staindress' installation at Fashionclash Maastricht 
photo by Peter Stigter via Glamcult

Wieteke writes: "A girl, a necklace, and a simple white dress transforming each other into something extraordinary. A special dress made from organic and environmentally friendly materials with a very special print. 

This fairytale-like clip shows the transformation of this special dress. The necklace and the dress intertwine to transform the dress in something totally new and different."

staindress from wieteke opmeer on Vimeo.
(video courtesy of the artist)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meiling Chen at Leaf // Cloud Trunk Show Tonight

'Stitched Lights' beaded textile collar by Meiling Chen
'Planet Bracelet' handcrafted out of vintage materials by Meiling Chen
'Stitched Handkerchief Shoulderlet' by Meiling Chen

Artist/designer friend Meiling Chen will be showcasing her new handmade, recycled vintage accessories at the Leaf // Cloud trunk show this evening at Fair Folks and a Goat in NYC. Meiling's latest work is rooted in her slow fashion and art meets fashion crafting philosophy. Tonight's showcase is curated by Kate McGregor of Kaight NYC, and all of the artists participating address sustainability through their innovative use of textiles, handwork, and the natural dye process. 

Participants include Abigail Doan, Sono Kuwayama, Fr. Andrew O'Connor, Meiling Chen, Kizzy Jai Knight, Marcus Hicks, Melissa Kirgan and XZ of Eko-Lab, and Ceca Georgieva.

Leaf // Cloud slow fashion trunk show
Tuesday, June 14 from 6pm to 9pm
7 East 88th Street, New York, NY

Read more in my article on EcoSalon and on Treehugger

(above photos by Amanda Coen)

Monday, June 13, 2011

Fililí Jewelry's Calder Collection for Summer 2011

You might recall seeing Fililí Jewelry on the runway during Auralis Studio's Spring 2011 presentation at The GreenShows last September. Heads were swiveling and the models looked so hot with these whimsical accessories that beautifully complimented the clothing's sexy and vibrant palette. 

Designer Luiny Rivera Gelpí's sculpturally bold combination of fabrics and artful wire bending put a modern street spin on Calder's whimsical mobiles and sculpture as well as possibilities for recycling on the runway.

photo by: Rafael Diaz and Monica Felix (courtesy of Auralis Studio)

 Fililí Jewelry earrings incorporating vibrant patterned left overs

Luiny Rivera Gelpí at work in the studio (cool glasses)
Fililí Jewelry as sculptural assemblage

Designer Luiny Rivera Gelpí shows her jewelry creations every weekend at Brooklyn's Artists and Fleas Market in Williamsburg. You can check out a review of some of the international talent featured there here. Be sure to follow Luiny Rivera Gelpí's creative spin on art and life via her blog.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

GRAIN's Bound Hand Mirror Is Genuinely Reflective

I loved visiting GRAIN design's booth at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair during May, and as usual their designs demonstrate true craftsmanship with genuine reflection on all aspects of the sustainable production process. I was particularly smitten with these small hand mirrors with a textile wrapped handle and edge. Colors options include 'Blue Multi (shown), Red Multi, Black, or Natural'.

Made in the Pacific Northwest (USA) out of mirrored glass, bamboo, wool felt, and hemp twine. GRAIN supports ethical design and is also a member of 1% For The Planet. Learn more about GRAIN's artisan based projects and news updates here.

Friday, June 10, 2011

MAKENEW Vintage: Storytelling and Reader Give-Away Now Thru June 17 (Share Your Comments)

If you do not already know about Makenew's edited vintage collection, take note, as it is one of the best online sources for chic and affordable designer label finds. The cool story behind Makenew and designer Anna Gilkerson's journey is an intriguing one, and certainly sets new standards for designers taking matters into their own hands to reduce textile and garment waste in the fashion industry. 

"Makenew offers a carefully selected assortment of designer, thrift, and genuine vintage clothing and accessories. Products include high end designer labels, union made, domestically made, handmade, vintage of twenty years plus, and true vintage, which is typically pre-mass production circa 1940s/50s/60s."

Some of my favorite picks from  Makenew's latest Grafik Collection:

As Anna Gilkerson, founder of Makenew describes, "We see the production of new clothing lessened by reintegrating the clothing already made back into the system. Instead of throwing mass amounts of used clothing into landfills, we can locally ship the garments out to used clothing centers. Items are looked over, repriced competitively while tired items are weeded out to be re-used or recycled."

"In-house tailors and sewers suit the needs of the customers. Custom-fittings and alterations can make an old garment look and feel new again. Style editing, altering, and all detailing is prepared for you. Every piece is carefully hand selected to be a part of a current and ongoing collection. As the seasons pass and trends come and go, new collections are integrated and old collections go on sale."

Between today and June 17th, Ecco*Eco readers who leave comments about one of their own favorite second-hand clothing or accessory items and why it has such resonance, will be eligible to win a free item of their choice from Makenew's shop. Your comment must be submitted by the end of the day, Friday, June 17th, in order to be considered.

Please share with like-minded vintage and second-hand style mavens. Creative comments and storytelling is encouraged. Winner to be announced on Monday, June 19, 2011.