Monday, June 13, 2011

Fililí Jewelry's Calder Collection for Summer 2011

You might recall seeing Fililí Jewelry on the runway during Auralis Studio's Spring 2011 presentation at The GreenShows last September. Heads were swiveling and the models looked so hot with these whimsical accessories that beautifully complimented the clothing's sexy and vibrant palette. 

Designer Luiny Rivera Gelpí's sculpturally bold combination of fabrics and artful wire bending put a modern street spin on Calder's whimsical mobiles and sculpture as well as possibilities for recycling on the runway.

photo by: Rafael Diaz and Monica Felix (courtesy of Auralis Studio)

 Fililí Jewelry earrings incorporating vibrant patterned left overs

Luiny Rivera Gelpí at work in the studio (cool glasses)
Fililí Jewelry as sculptural assemblage

Designer Luiny Rivera Gelpí shows her jewelry creations every weekend at Brooklyn's Artists and Fleas Market in Williamsburg. You can check out a review of some of the international talent featured there here. Be sure to follow Luiny Rivera Gelpí's creative spin on art and life via her blog.

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I <3 Fililí!!