Sunday, June 5, 2011

Jason Ross Designs at Pachute in NYC

 Handworked reclaimed  buckle cuff by Jason Ross of Artemas Quibble

I loved discovering and growing attached to these amazing reclaimed metal designs by Jason Ross of Artemas Quibble at the Pachute 1st Anniversary Party in NYC a few weekends ago. Crafted by hand and wrought with pure elemental beauty, these bracelets are true sculpture made by the designer out of gorgeous antique brass and copper buckles.

"Bringing a modern sensibility to ancient finds, Jason considers his work, which includes handmade jewelry, belts and bags, 'a celebration of what has been lost'.  He speaks of the work that went into the antique elements he incorporates, whether it’s a 16th century leather book cover made into a belt or vintage finial crafted into a pendant. 'So much work has already been put into my pieces by people who were not necessarily appreciated or respected. I’m able to showcase their work and give it a new life.' Friends who have an eye for detail will help Jason scout for objects, which he will hang up on his wall until inspiration strikes." via Urban Zen

Sharone Komoroff in her exquisite outpost, Pachute in NYC

You can find more designs by Jason Ross at Pachute on the Upper East Side in Manhattan. Owner Sharone has some amazing picks for Summer 2011. Her store is a total fashion oasis and is one of my absolute favorite spots to find organic layering pieces by Loup Charmant.

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Kaity Stardust said...

wow so innovative and cool looking, i love it! good read. awesome blog!!