Friday, July 29, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: New Directions In Vegan Style

Collina Strada 'Sierra Bag' made exclusively for Kaight NYC

There were some exciting developments in vegan style and animal friendly accessorizing this past week. Kaight NYC has officially announced their latest collaboration with Collina Strada. The new 'Sierra Bag' (pictured above) is made from recycled canvas and this luxe purple vegan leather. Made in NYC. How gorgeous can you get?

Elvis & Kresse 'Box Bag' exquisitely crafted out of recycled fire hose

Jennifer Barckley of Organic Girly reports that "the story with Elvis & Kresse began in 2005 when Kresse Wesling, a Canadian-turned-British waste junkie met the London Fire Brigade. Kresse immediately fell in love with the dirty, decommissioned fire hoses that had actively served thousands of people, and she recognized a big problem. “Fire hose has a double walled nitrile rubber jacket.  Inside there is a nylon, fibrous core.  Because of this core, you can’t shred it; you can’t melt it down; and you can’t make new hose,” Wesling fervently describes. “It just goes to landfill, and it just goes to waste.”  And so she began, along with her partner Elvis, transforming the fire hose into luxe craftsmanship. Other rescued materials the design duo re-fashions include waste coffee sacks, tea sacks, scrap sail cloth, parachute silk and used air traffic control flight strips."

A selection of Elvis & Kresse lifestyle accessories are currently available in the U.S. and Canada on the luxe design site, thru Saturday, July 30th at 11 am EST.

You can follow Jennifer Barckley @OR_GANIC on Twitter 

The lovely Kestrel Jenkins of Ecouterre reported on Free People's new vegan leather collection earlier this week. This faux leather design is so timeless and versatile. A great investment piece for fashion and animal lovers everywhere.

Vegan designs just keeps getting better. Humane and waste-free.
This is the future of fashion. This is what real women want and demand.

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