Sunday, July 10, 2011

eeld Paris AW 11/12 Revives French Lacemaking

eeld Paris AW 11/12 ethical collection
eeld eco-luxe designs feature handmade French lace from Calais

One of the most rewarding aspects of writing a blog like Ecco*Eco is the fact that amazing people doing amazing things globally contact me every day. French fashion designer, Chloé Bourrioux of eeld Paris, recently shared her new ethical fashion collection with me, and I was very inspired by her commitment to sourcing fabrics responsibly as well as her initiative to revive traditional lacemaking techniques in Calais, France.

Historic lace from the 1600's on view at The Calais Lace Museum

As a seasoned designer, Chloé Bourrioux expressed a genuine discontent with the methods and practices of the fashion and luxury goods industry and took it upon herself to create an environmentally and socially responsible path for her exquisite collection. 

eeld Paris AW 11/12 ethical collection

In addition to using bio-silks and eco-textiles, the designer also works with a highly-skilled team of fair-trade embroiderers in India. All garments are made locally in France.

eeld Paris recently launched their new website – definitely a designer to watch for ethical fashion ideas and the revival of historic textile methods in France and beyond.

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