Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sofia Style: Loup Charmant Grounded Chic

Summer time in Sofia is about cool minimalist geometry and new angles on life. I spend a lot of time each day walking through different neighborhoods with the twins and our dog, Finn. I try to simply allow things to come into focus and meld together as they cross my path. I have to be honest and confess that I have been wearing this black Loup Charmant organic cotton slip a lot – either layered over cropped leggings or as a shift on hot summer days.

I also wear it in the garden to weed in my little plot outside our building as well as on the terrace at night when I open a bottle of good red wine. I have never had a piece of clothing that allows me to dream so much while remaining grounded and at peace.

Thanks, Kee Edwards, for making such a pure and simple designs for women to celebrate who they really are. I love all of my Loup Charmant pieces. (*Necklace is my own creation made on the fly out of ethnic beads, broken crystal chandelier parts, and waxed linen thread).

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