Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summertime in Sofia: KAYU Sunglasses

Some friends have expressed concern that I have runaway from home by slipping away to Sofia this summer, so I decided to occasionally post photos of how happy I am here, and how I choose to wear some of the great fashion designs that I packed or acquire during my travels.

I recently started wearing these KAYU Rawa bamboo sunglasses, as they are so lightweight and provide lots of coverage for my sun-kissed face. They are larger than I usually like my lenses to be, but now that I have been wearing them for awhile, the frames feel like a nice layer of protection. I also like the soft natural hue with my skin tone. Another reason to feel good about KAYU? For every pair of sunglasses purchased, KAYU donates US $20 to fund one sight-restoring surgery in the developing world. True global design vision – makes me even happier.

More summer style photos from Sofia to come / xx

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