Friday, August 5, 2011

Copenhagen FW: One Million Years B.C. No More

Question: With Copenhagen Fashion Week celebrating free-spirited ready-to-wear designs such as Munthe plus Simonsen's Spring/Summer 2012 collection, why do Scandinavian designers (who obviously have a sense of hippie-chic gorgeousness) still incorporate fur and leather into their presentations? 

Raquel Welch doing the ravaged pelt thing

I really want to love this trendsetting label, as the spirit is right on in terms of my aesthetic, but their Raquel Welch as 'Loana The Fair One' circa One Million Years B.C. approach to materials is definitely not cruelty-free or frankly very modern? With so many appealing and humane alternatives to leather and fur on the fashion landscape, isn't it time to crawl out of the cave? If Norway can do it, why not Copenhagen?

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