Sunday, August 28, 2011

Feature Interview on The Sugar Diaries

  Abigail Doan at The Land/an art site in New Mexico
 handmade paper, vegetation, and sun-powered lighting

I am thrilled to share news that I recently did an interview on sustainable fashion, living, and art making/crafting for one of Hungary's most stylish blogs, The Sugar Diaries.

Here is an excerpt:

"I think that it is important to take small steps to do those things that are achievable and meaningful in your immediate sphere. This could be something very poetic like trying to start a windowsill garden or repairing old clothes that you like but can no longer wear. Using one’s hands brings one closer to the source of a true existence. Buying green is not the only way to go green. I find that people in my neighborhood here in Sofia, Bulgaria, are living very sustainably in ways that are not necessarily trendy. For example, they till small patches of soil outside of their buildings, use the clothesline for drying garments, and certainly have small bundles of garbage that they take down to the street bins. Some times these bags are so tiny, and they obviously have been able to do this by buying food that does not come in packaging and at a higher cost. I also see the older generation canning lots of vegetables and preserves as well as mending textiles that they hang on their terraces. There is a grace to this way of living that is not about being able to afford eco-friendly clothing or design objects, but makes perfect sense for the environment and a life well-lived. This, for me, is what true sustainability is all about."

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