Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Paris Who's Next Profile: Pola Thomson F/W 2011

My pre-fashion week(s) designer crush definitely goes to New York-based Chilean designer, Pola Thomson. These exquisitely crafted silhouettes from Pola's Fall/Winter 2011 collection are stunningly accessorized with organically-themed necklaces. Who's Next Paris was spot on to feature her as a major star on the fashion horizon. 

Proof that seemingly simple design can be so rich in message and cultural texture. Diversity in fashion is definitely the new sexy.

Credits / Creditos
Photography / Fotografia: OSVALDO PONTON (osvaldoponton.com)
Styling / Estilismo: ANGELA ESTEBAN LIBRERO (aestebanlibrero.com)
Hair & Make-up / Pelo & Maquillaje: NATALIE DISTEFANO (nataliedistefano.com) Production / Produccion: DAVID GOMEZ-VILLAMEDINA (verydowntown)
Hair & Make-up Assitant / Pelo & Maquillaje Assistente: ANDREW COLVIN
Talent / Talento: MADISON (fusion)
Shoes / Zapatos: BARBARA BRIONES (barbarabriones.com)
Acknowledgments / Agradecimientos: JOSH, TAYLOR & ANDREW

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