Monday, August 8, 2011

Scandinavian Noir Beauty + Raw Goodness

photo by Jesper Brandt

With Copenhagen Fashion Week having come to a close this past weekend and Stockholm Fashion Week gearing up this week, it is time to officially acknowledge that Scandinavia is the place to be for all the beautiful people during this softer and perhaps more reflective time of the summer. 

The super gorgeous Johanna Björk of Goodlifer and Råfrisk just posted a brilliant medley of 'Good Stuff: Scandinavian Noir' to celebrate the darker and sexier shades of sustainable style in her homeland.

Johanna writes, "Bllack Noir was established 3 years ago as a sub-brand of Danish conscious fashion label Noir. This LBD (above) has some badass details that will set you apart from the crowd, yet is classic enough to last a lifetime." Agreed. Johanna is also a new fashion and lifestyle correspondent for EcoSalon. She's one hot woman to watch and definitely understands the raw side of real beauty, fitness, and good living to boot.

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Anonymous said...

I love that brown dress! I'm still looking for the best eco-friendly fashions.