Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer Shines On With Sollis Jewellry

This handcrafted macramé collar necklace by Sollis Jewellry in Australia is total proof that summer can live on in the weeks to come with a chic, radiant glow. Given that mustard is such a hot color for fall, this seems like a great piece to add solar punch to your fall line-up.

I love this fluted bead and macramé bangle as well.

Both available at the ethical marketplace, Blue Caravan.


KAAM {hand-made} said...

Beautiful necklace I love this kind of jewelry! and the Johanna Pihl, great blog!

Abigail Doan said...

Thank you, KAAM {hand-made}! I loved your knot designs. Do you have a site for purchasing? Send it along or is your blog your principal site. I would love to feature.

Best wishes! Abigail

KAAM {hand-made} said...

WOW Thank you, Im so glad you like my knots! At the moment Im working on new photos and Im also about to start my online shop. Can I send you the new photos as soon as Im done?

Abigail Doan said...

Absolutely. Send me a message on abidoan@gmail.come when the time is right for you.

Good luck with the upcoming details ~ Abigail