Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYFW: threeASFOUR Spring 2012

Totally provocative – threeASFOUR's Spring 2012 collection, InSHALLom:

"They made prints that wove together iconography from Jews and Arabs, Israelis and Palestinians both: six-pointed stars and kaffiyeh patterns, the evil eye, the hamsa. These were printed on the billowing, fluttering silk chiffon and silk de chine dresses the designers have been exploring season in and season out. Breastplates dangled hamsas, glass evil-eye pendants, the knotted strings of tallisim. One necklace was made of two joined shofars, the ram's horn ritually blown on the Jewish new year. Taken as a whole, it proved affecting, a message about the essential similarity of even warring parties." – Maya Singer for

Peace out from NYC, hello London, for the next round. 
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