Thursday, October 27, 2011

Andrea Gutierrez Jewelry Launches New Website

The exquisite topography of a beaded cuff by Andrea Gutierrez

Congratulations to Andrea Gutierrez on the launch of her exquisite new jewelry design website. If ever there was a designer who understands that 'beauty is in the details', it is Andrea with her innovative process of recycling vintage flea markets finds and precious antique embellishments. The crafting is incredibly intricate – both painterly and textured in the surface designs created. I have one of her beaded couture cuffs, and it honestly is one of the most stunning pieces of jewelry that I own.

Hours and hours of handcrafting to create slow fashion beauty

I search flea markets and antique dealers for vintage and antique beaded handbags - carefully disassembling the bags and separating their tiny beads, recycling the past and the materials of another time. The cuffs evolve as I embroider bead, stone, diamond, gold or silver onto the silk. Each piece requires many hours of handwork. – Andrea Gutierrez

View the entire collection here. All images courtesy of the designer.

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