Friday, October 14, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: Faux Fur Coat By Ivana Helsinki

My grandmother (a botanist) used to keep what I believe was a dyed beaver fur coat in her closet. I remember venturing into her wardrobe from time to time to pet this "luxe" fur and experience the texture of it's smooth surface. It seemed seductively soft, but I never quite understood the allure of fur – even as a child. To be honest, it all made me feel a bit uncomfortable. 

This faux fur by Finnish designer Ivana Helsinki definitely caught my eye on Beklina's online boutique. Perhaps it was because I thought that it was so darn cool that a Scandinavian was opting to use faux-fur. I also liked the styling of the shots and super cozy possibilities that this overcoat provides. Either way, it is great to see that for just over $500 women can invest in a fur coat that might last for generations and send a powerful message.

I would want my own children to surely know the difference.

Do not miss other enlightened offerings on Beklina.

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