Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Indie Designer: Relogyyy of Thessaloniki

One of the best aspects of being a global nomad is the serendipity that is the roadmap of my  life – allowing for unexpected encounters with great artists and designers along the way. 

I was excited to discover, upon my return from Greece in late September, a message from designer Giota Kai of Relogyyy. Her atelier in Thessaloniki produces one-of-a-kind pieces from dead stock fabrics, vintage finds, and colorful fashion remnants – including trims, tassels, and cast-off bits. This cool veteran of the fashion industry is putting a new spin on textile waste by highlighting and illustrating fashion's more whimsical and arty nature.

It's nice to know that resourceful people everywhere are connecting and sharing their fashion stories and methods. This is what it is all about. I am not interested in trends per se but rather finding clever folks who can teach me a trick or two along the way.

Visit Relogyyy on etsy to learn more.

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