Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Textile and Bead Treasures From Bazaar Bayar

Crochet Tiger Eye / Obsidian Collar featuring hand-crocheted 'oya' trim
– a traditional craft from Western Anatolia

Uzbek Embroidered Neckpiece recycled from a traditional robe

Inspiration Bag featuring soapstone, embroidery, and handwoven fabric

I love these textile and bead treasures available at Bazaar Bayar online. American transplant Catherine Bayar of Istanbul has an exquisite eye and a real passion for preserving and artfully weaving together the handcrafting traditions of Anatolia and Central Asia. 

Catherine shares via her shop on etsy:

"In the years since we started Bazaar Bayar, my husband Abit and I have collected jewelry, vintage carpets, kilims and other treasures that speak to us from Anatolia to Central Asia. With my background in textile, clothing and interior design, and Abit's knowledge of Turkish traditions, we've based our business on a passion for all things handcrafted, and work with local artisans to make the items we do not personally make ourselves."

Learn more via Bazaar Bayar's website and blog. Do not miss Catherine's article on 'Silverized Cotton' handcrafts featured on HAND/EYE's blog.

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Bazaar Bayar said...

Thanks for your kind words, Abigail! In our quest to seek out the best of Turkish fiber arts, we've got a handcrafts + culture trip coming up next spring, featuring artisans in Istanbul, the Turkish Southeast and the Aegean.

A wealth of wonders to discover in this diverse country. I invite your readers to come along with us!