Friday, November 18, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: For The Ghosts

Morning coffee in Sofia on the first day of my 10 day Ghost Free Challenge

Today marks the first day of a ten day 'ghost free' vegan challenge that I will be participating in with The Ghosts In Our Machine on Facebook. You might recall my writing about Liz Marshall's amazing documentary film project when TGIOM was in the midst of their successful fundraising campaign several months ago. Here is a recap on the mission of this timely film:

Maggie The Ghost on her birthday (photo by Jo-Anne McArthur)

"The Ghosts in Our Machine is a cinematic film and an unfolding narrative online experience that attracts an audience leading up to the production of the film, and sustains and fosters community engagement throughout the lifecycle of the project. Together they seek to uncover the dark recesses of our anthropocentric society to illuminate the lives of individual animals used for human profit and consumption. TGIOM features award winning documentary photographer Jo-Anne McArthur as she photographs global stories of animals used within the machine of our modern world."

Who exactly are "the ghosts"? I need to know and understand more.
'Great Grey Owl' photo by Wil Bloodworth (image via Lost in Fiber)

For the next ten days I will be eating a vegan diet, experimenting with new recipes, learning more about vegan fashion and notions of beauty, as well as contemplating the ghosts who are our animal friends and companions. My intention is to gain a deeper understanding of why and how vegan philosophy and activism might be essential to our creating a world in balance as well as a more compassionate and sustainable program to counteract our rampant consumption. Join me simply to learn and share your own ideas. This is meant to be an open dialogue and one that is non-judgmental and heart-felt.

Thanksgiving 2011 will also be dedicated to 'For The Ghosts'. More on this next week. Join the dialogue here.

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