Friday, November 11, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: Holiday Luxury With Heart From Compassion Couture

Let's face it. I really do not need anything new for the holidays. I have so many beautiful and timeless things that I never really wear, that this year's Thanksgiving and New Year's resolutions will be more about creating (activist) occasions to step out on the town while also rediscovering and donning some of my favorite items in the closet.

Sparkle is pretty irresistible, though, particularly when it comes from the heart. I adore these zig zag gold and silver heels by olsen Haus  currently available at Compassion Couture. In addition to offering a bit of razmataz, these peep toe heels are also animal friendly and let's just say danceable, too. Now that's something to openly celebrate. See more of Compassion Couture's offerings here. Including another favorite:

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