Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving And Receiving: Thanks To You

'Puritan chic' images via Noa Noa on The Swelle Life

My apologies for not posting very much this week, but I have been very engaged with my ten day 'Ghost Free Journey' (aka vegan challenge) with The Ghosts In Our Machine (TGIOM). For anyone who is interested in reading more about some of the topics discussed and the day-to-day challenges that I have experienced, please visit TGIOM's Facebook page. Stay tuned for my thoughts on where the journey has led me and how it has impacted my thinking about conscious living and ethical fashion.

Turkeys celebrating Thanksgiving as it should be
(photo courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur of We Animals)

I also wanted to add, as I settle in this evening to begin preparing for tomorrow's meal and a morning talk at my sons' preschool, that I never could have imagined how rich, complex, and sustaining this project called, Ecco*Eco, has been for me. I experience bounty every day, and it is all because of the support and inspiration that comes from you. Thanksgiving 2011 is dedicated to 'the ghosts' and the community we have created by giving and receiving.

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