Thursday, November 3, 2011

HAND/EYE: Color Issue 06 Unveiled

HAND/EYE magazine: Connecting cultures 
and inspiring action one issue at a time

HAND/EYE magazine's Color Fall issue 06 has been out for close to a month now, and it has honestly taken me this long to soak up its goodness and reflect on the full range of thoughtful content within. How often does a print publication engage you for over a month with pages dog eared to be reread again and again? Not often.

I am so proud to be a contributor once again to this outstanding journal. The mission of spreading a message of global connectedness and promise via the perseverance of artisans and designers who work from the heart and with joined hands is truly awe-inspiring.

With tumultuous events and seasonal calendars being redefined around the planet, color as we know it and wear it is definitely something that is now in flux. That said, there are certain traditions and associations with specific hues that flow through the veins of global cultures and the materials indigenous to each region. This is what HAND/EYE's Color issue celebrates and highlights so authentically. Add to this an impressive line up of international contributors and topic experts, and the content is genuinely one-of-a-kind. 

Consider the following:
BLACK & BLUE Hmong textiles described by conservator Sarah Scaturro
Macedonian RED in folklore costumes by curator Bobbie Sumberg
My article on indigo BLUE hand-loomed goodness created by Khadi & Co.
Naturally dyed pre-Columbian PURPLE as described by Marta Turok
Botanical alchemy yields a cool PURPLE with the artistry of India Flint
GREEN jewelry by Haffstein Juliusson as reported by Marcella Echavarria
WHITE as the embodiment of all colors as highlighted by Manreet Deol
The staying power of PINK and slow fashion recipes with Sasha Duerr

... and so much more ...

As HAND/EYE's editor, Keith Recker states in this issue's introduction, "Color is a profound cultural phenomenon – a sort of illustrated layering of both poetry and prose about the needs and aspirations of us complex human beings".

This is why these stories, methods, and visions needs to be documented, shared, and preserved. It is the varying complexity itself that holds the roadmap to a more sustainable and certainly a richer future for us all.

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