Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday: Mr. Larkin Loves You

(image from Mr. Larkin Loves You + Kenzo)

There is no disputing that Tumblr has become a contagious platform for fashion bloggers, designers, the media, and visual collagists. Of course, there are serious concerns about images being shared willy-nilly without mention of the original source or credit given to a creator. That said, with proper linking and courteous behavior, the reblogging can be like tossing seeds to the wind and watching a garden grow.

(image from Mr. Larkin Loves You + Kenzo)

My own Tumblr site, Lost in Fiber, is a way for me to cultivate a visual art journal of creative ideas related to 'fashioning self and the environment'. 

I have also wanted to start featuring some of my favorite Tumblr sites as a way to demonstrate how designers and others are using the platform to give you an inside peek at dynamic inspiration boards or simply their daily stream of fashion consciousness. Some are eco, some are fashion-forward, and some might be shockingly controversial.

(image from Mr. Larkin Loves You)

First up is Mr. Larkin Loves You, created by designer Casey Larkin of Mr. Larkin / Adie + George. Casey's cool mix of real life texture and beautiful snippets of windows into other worlds is totally in sync with the art/fashion fusion that makes the world a more livable place. 'Love, Mr. Larkin' is an understatement. This site is pure hip poetic bliss. Definitely one to <3. 

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