Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday: Past Fashion Future with Emma Grady

 Stylist and writer Emma Grady modeling Snoozer Loser NY's scarves 

For anyone who wants to keep a pulse on what is happening on the art, fashion, ethical style frontier in NYC and beyond, Emma Grady's Tumblr site, Past Fashion Future, is an essential resource. Emma shares her in-depth reports from the latest events, designer interviews, collection announcements, as well as her own projects as a stylist for up-and-coming fashion labels as well as clients and creative individuals.

Emma and her signature classic style

Past Fashion Future recently shared news of Emma's role as a model and stylist for Snoozer Loser NY's F/W 2011 look book. The images are fresh and totally believable in terms of the multitude of ways that some one might wear and celebrate these one of a kind designs. 

"When my friend Sonia Tay, the owner and creative director of Snoozer Loser NY, asked me to be the face of the New York-based label’s fall/winter 2011 scarf collection, I didn’t think twice. It was a perfect pairing from the beginning: We decided to juxtapose her modern prints with my classic and timeless style. Mixing old with new is a theme that runs throughout Past Fashion Future and it’s at the core of our styles series, Something Old, Something New."

I asked Emma how the roles of fashion writer and stylist dovetail for her these days, and she shared these thoughtful words:

"What appeals to me about styling is that it is a visual platform; I’m able to explore my personal style aesthetic, which is rooted in classic and timeless fashion. Styling is a valuable tool to show how ethical and locally-made fashion can look no different – in terms of aesthetics – than more mainstream fashion. It has to be executed well though. If something is “green” but not visually appealing or designed well, I won’t use it in a shoot. 

Styling is an opportunity to show how ethical fashion can be worn with mainstream fashion; it doesn’t have to be separate. In fact, I prefer it to not be separate because that’s just not accessible. If I'm working with other stylists, my knowledge of ethical designers comes in handy because you can introduce a designer that they might not
 have heard of otherwise. Overall, I do not consider myself an "eco stylist." I am a stylist, with a knowledge of ethical fashion and eco designers. This distinction is vital: I want to be held to the same high standards that any other stylist faces."

Past Fashion Future's feature on Maria Moyer's 'Untitled' wall installation recently on view at Rogan, 330 Bowery Street in New York City – image courtesy of Maria Moyer.
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(look book images courtesy of Emma Grady and Snoozer Loser NY)

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