Thursday, December 8, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: Share The Black & White Reality of We Animals and Cow Jones Industrials

'Polar bear in captivity at the Toronto Zoo, 2005' 

My amazing friend Donna Oakes of Cow Jones Industrials has a very special in store event tomorrow, Saturday, December 10, as well as an online special thru Tuesday 12/13.

As Donna shared with us: "For those of you who can make it to the shop, there will be the most delicious chocolates ever from Lagusta’s Luscious of New Paltz. Any item that is not already marked down will be 20% off that day with the online sale continuing thru 12/13."

Cow Jones Industrials will also donate 5% of gross proceeds from all sales during the month of December to the We Animals project. "I can’t describe how amazed I am by this project and photographer/activist Jo-Anne McArthur who is also the human subject in the The Ghosts in Our Machine," says Donna.

Jane Goodall’s words about Jo-Anne and her photos say it all: “Powerfully disturbing. These images take us to dark and hidden places visited by only a few determined and courageous individuals like Jo-Anne McArthur. They reveal the secret practices that many people will not want to know about."

Join me in contributing to this inspiring collaborative effort to eliminate cruelty towards animals by shopping at Cow Jones Industrials and fundraising for the We Animals project. Do It For The Ghosts.

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