Friday, December 2, 2011

Cruelty Free Friday: Shooting and Eating Wild Beauties

It is amazing what pops up when one does an image search for 'horses in fashion'. It is pretty apparent that the fashion industry has been using horses and ponies in styled shoots and magazine spreads as a means to celebrate couture expressions, the open spaces of the wild west, and also the raw untamable beauty of the women who walk this planet. It is not clear that all horses are treated well during these photo sessions, but one would hope so given our love for the spirit and grace of horses everywhere.

It is common to see lanky models draped on horses

Or kicking-back with their miniature ponies

Or looking coldly detached from nature
Or with the imprints of our ideas about freedom

Or styled in the equestrian death look

But all of these examples aside, it appears as if we have take a sharp turn for the worse with recent legislation to approve the consumption of horse meat in the United States. Forgive me if I am wrong, but we are not nomadic herders in Outer Mongolia trying to subsist on and make do with resources from our native environment? We have choices and we have a conscience, or at least I thought so. This latest move is simply about greed and profit as a significant amount of this meat is for export, and the U.S. based slaughterhouses stand to make some very quick bucks.

If you love horses as much as I do, you will pay attention to this issue and face the fact that our romantic ideas about the 'partnership' that we have with these creatures is not at all on equal ground or out in the open, for that matter. Cruelty free fashion is very much about transparency in the images that we create and export in the name of natural beauty.

images via The Equinest and Fashionasty

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pal shazar said...

this is shockingly disturbing. us vegans will be ashamed at how low the minds of some people can be.