Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tumblr Tuesday: This City Called Earth

by Carey Young, location unknown.
This City Called Earth by Carey Young, location unknown
This City Called Earth by 木十, Hong Kong
This City Called Earth by AJ Brustein, Nairobi
This City Called Earth by and submitted by 2, location unknown
This City Called Earth by Axel Stevens, Leuven, Belgium
This City Called Earth by Chen Jiagang, location unknown

I visit the Tumblr site, This City Called Earth, quite regularly for viewing images related 'fashioning self and the environment'. I honestly believe that we cannot address our ideas about ethical fashion, expressions of personal style, and environmental awareness without considering the 'you' quotient in relation to your surroundings. This City Called Earth is an eye-opening archive of photographs submitted from around our rapidly changing world.

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