Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Under The Mistletoe: Global Good Tidings

Sololá artisan-crafted, recycled vintage huipil purse by Grain

Handknit Yaprak Sifa Silverized Cotton Slippers from Bazaar Bayar

'Auto' Modal Scarf in yellow + gray by Salvor Projects

Handcrafting goodness and artisan/designer collaborations are circling the globe this holiday season, and it is so inspiring to see the artful shapes, patterns, and dimensions that these efforts are taking. Here are a few more of my favorite holiday finds. Join me in celebrating the good tidings that these talented individuals bring to craft and design.


Joy Light said...

Gorgeous Gifts, I ADORE the Alhambra Organic Cotton Voile Scarf by Beau Monde Organics, and especially the CraftedSystems teardrop vessel!

Joy Light

stephanie gale said...

First I'd like to say 'Thank you very much!" for the effusive compliment from Joy Light! XO

Much appreciation and heaps of gratitude to Ecco*Eco for your inclusion of my scarves in your delightful Holiday guide! Have been enjoying the 'installments' and look forward to seeing the others, too! All these works are just amazing, and as an indie designer, I know how challenging the work can be, yet it is a labor of love that feeds the soul. But appreciation by others is what stokes the creative fires and inspires us!