Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ariel Clay Reports on the Maiyet + Nest Collaboration

I am really excited about the recent collaboration between Maiyet and Nest, primarily because it is such a great step forward for Fair Trade initiatives. 

Maiyet, a pioneering luxury brand, and Nest, a non-profit dedicated to promoting artisan skills and revitalized communities, have created a new partnership to assist in the creation of economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship in developing countries. Folded into this joint effort is a commitment to promoting traditional craftsmanship and the advancement of regional stability.

Maiyet's Cristy Kaylor, Paul van Zyl, and Daniel Lubetzky wanted to create a brand that would use the power of the market to allocate capital for peace and justice programs in fragile regions. Hopefully, other fashion brands will follow suit and see that the true definition of 'fashion luxury' encompasses artisanal, ethically-made, and hand-crafted designs – all the while working to alleviate poverty through fair wages and prices for goods.

Maiyet + Nest artisan collaboration (photo courtesy of Barneys)

"Partners include carved-block printers in Jaipur, India; hand-loom silk jacquard weavers in Varanasi, India; and Kenyan jewelers working with poured brass, carved horn and bone in Nairobi."  – The Window, Barneys New York

'Maiyet' is named for the Egyptian goddess of truth and harmony

Nest has worked diligently for years to create a network of artisan workshops around the world that demonstrate strong leadership, scalability, and the ability to transform communities by alleviating local poverty, empowering women, and establishing peace. Nest helps Maiyet to make ethically produced high-end fashion collections and accessories by forging lasting partnerships with talented artisans. The team also works closely with each artisan organization to implement short and long-term sustained training engagements – in turn, Maiyet dedicates a percentage of their profits to these programs.

Maiyet | International Artisan to Paris Runway from M A I Y E T on Vimeo.

Maiyet launched its first ready-to-wear collection in October 2011, and it is currently available for pre-order at Barneys New York. I love the thoughtful details and simple silky lines – luxury with a social conscious is always in fashion.

Learn more about Ariel Clay here. Images courtesy of Maiyet, Nest, and Barneys New York.

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Under The Root said...

I love Nest and what it is in pursuit of for women. My eye has been on this company for quite some time.