Monday, January 16, 2012

Julia Ramsey's PELT NYC Launch

Julia Ramsey in one of her own PELT creations

A huge congratulations to talented knit wear designer Julia Ramsey on her exhibition at the Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn as well as the official launch of her stunningly luxurious PELT collection. 

It was such a sweet moment for me to see friends like Kestrel Jenkins, Ariel Clay, Amanda Coen, Rachel Miller, Amira Marion, Judy Lee, Owyn Ruck, Jessica Marati and the list goes on at the 'Second Edition: Artist in Residence' opening at TAC on Friday evening. It surely made me miss NYC and the momentum that is building towards a genuine appreciation for the role of fiber and handcraft in conscious, local fashion.

Xi Sinsong's wild and woolly fashion photography

What can I say? I feel like a proud Mom of sorts when I see young designers like Julia doing such beautiful sculptural work with raw organic merino roving. Julia's vision allows us to take shelter and refuge in the comfort of fiber as well as the slow production methods that connect us to space, time, and self. I also love the photography by Xi Sinsong for Julia's latest look book. Such a great expression of 'fashioning self and the environment understanding'.

exhibition photos by Abigail Doan / look book by Xi Sinsong

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