Sunday, January 1, 2012

Make It New And Make It Yours

2012. A new year and a fresh start. I have never really believed that we shed the previous year's cast-off scraps and bits but rather convert the best swatches into our very own quilt or textured mantle for the year to come. Make it new or rather remake what you love and have come to cherish – is probably a better mantra for me.

In that spirit, I wanted to share these amazing 'Plastic Baskets' handcrafted by artist Josh Blackwell. Creative plastic bag upcycling never looked so vibrant. I love that the rhythmic stitching of these one-of-a-kind art pieces serves as a tactile manifesto of sorts.

'Fiber Flotsam' by Abigail Doan

I also invite you to read my first curatorial piece for Source4Style entitled, 'Homespun Textiles of an Avant-Garde Nature'. "Recycling as an art form or expression of environmental responsibility is something that we all should take personally. We now live in an era of heightened awareness about the need to reduce household waste and reprogram our consumption, but the ability to creatively visualize the transformation of cast-off objects and materials is, in my opinion, critical to adopting a truly sustainable plan of action."

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