Friday, February 3, 2012

Cruelty Free Friday: Faux Fur Luxury by The Battalion

Some might laugh if they could see just how 'stylish' I have been looking this past week with extreme winter temperatures here in Sofia and four year old twins sick at home from preschool. I mean, I try my best on some days – principally to rise to the occasion for blogging and writing about fashion and textiles, but I surely will not be taking any photos right now of 'how to get this look' or 'how to be feverishly green'.
I did spy the above faux fur vest by The Battalion online earlier this week, and I instantly thought that it might look rather show stopping with the wool mini-skirt, tights, knitted cap, and scarf that I have been wearing around the house since like Monday? It is so rocker chic, and what multi-tasking mother administering cold medicine (and of course, homeopathic drops) would not want to be seen dashing between the kitchen and the bedroom sporting this covetable, cruelty free piece? Sign me up. 

Faux fur 'Fletcher' cape by The Battalion
Cruelty free is so genuinely luxurious

When I finally emerge from this mid-winter cocoon, I am going to treat myself to The Battalion's faux-fur 'Fletcher' poncho cape. What better way to shed this weighty chrysalis than with a statement piece that allows for a smooth transition from winter to spring? I feel better already.

Congratulations to The Battalion on their inclusion in next Friday's runway presentation with The GreenShows at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at Lincoln Center. I will be sure to dress up for the occasion from my post here in Eastern Europe. Not to worry, we will have full coverage of this event and some of the other shows that officially kick off (eco) fashion week season.

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