Thursday, February 9, 2012

NYFW: Ariel Clay Reports on Gretchen Jones Collection for Autumn/Winter 2012

(photo by Nicole Lenzen)

Emanating from an original source that navigates the cosmic wheel of life and death, Gretchen Jones A/W 2012 collection embodies those transitional and eerily, lonely places that infiltrate our earthly lives and beyond. Jones created this latest textile-rich collection in the wake of her father's passing, and in turn, it reflects the prismatic mindscape of the complex (under) world that she personally understands and so vividly conjures as an artist and designer.

Each collection is a manifestation of Jones' current moods and tastes.  
A/W 2012 was inspired by Through the Looking-Glass
and The Raven as well as the album, Desertshore by Nico

Wednesday afternoon's presentation by Jones was held in a womb-like room at Chelsea's ROOT Drive-In with haunting spotlights beaming down on the models. The installation was staged on a medicine wheel of sorts with mandala patterns and new age rocks. Hints of the occult permeated the space while the opposing forces of life/death and past/present were alchemically melded in fluid continuity. 

(photo by Ariel Clay)

Jones designed all of her own digital print fabrics, and they seemed to be ebbing with life force ala their soft abstractions and alluring hues. An Indian Ikat print illustrates a traditional Apache basket weave in the form of a snake, which Jones views as the 'molting' that has taken place since her father (who was part Apache) left the waking world.

(photo by Ariel Clay)

The collection's luxuriously long dresses and below the knee skirts seemed to represent the hope and vitality of a long life. Textiles are the real story for Jones – emotionally, they always hold the secret to where she is currently at in her life.

We loved this burnt orange lattice weave textile (photo by Ariel Clay)

(photo by Nicole Lenzen)

Southwestern style also heavily influences Jones' tastes and harkens back to her free-spirited youth and the romanticism of the 1960's and 70's. This collection's pieces were accented by vintage Hopi, Navajo, and Zuni jewelry from Ruby + George, a family run business in Colorado (where Jones was raised). The custom-made felt hats from Little Doe, added an eclectic feel that mirrored the bohemian spirit of the desert vibe.

While in the process of creating this collection Jones was no doubt evolving out of the skin she has worn so resiliently. With A/W 2012 she continues to allow us access to her continued creative evolution and expression of emotion through textiles, fashion, and cool personal adornment. 

Text by Ariel Clay & Abigail Doan / photos by Ariel Clay & Nicole Lenzen


kestreljenkins said...

Gorgeous and intimate thoughts on such an inspired collection. Lovely.

Abigail Doan said...

Thanks so much, Kestrel Jenkins. We love your writing and style as well: