Friday, March 9, 2012

Anna Sew Hoy's Garment Deconstructions

I find these garment deconstructions by artist/ceramicist Anna Sew Hoy to be so incredibly timely in terms of the fashion waste dialogue and ongoing investigation of the shifting seams of consumer relationships with clothing. 'Tissues and Trench Coats' is currently on view through March 17 at Romer Young Gallery in San Francisco. More images are viewable here.

"The trench coat sculptures were arrived at through a process of subtraction. The artist meticulously cuts away all the panels of fabric, leaving nothing but the seams. What remains is a floppy skeleton of an iconic piece of clothing. Structured form is un-structured. Gestural. "Try to understand how your most familiar things are put together, like a child taking apart an alarm clock. Understanding through removal, by un-construction. A trench coat has a lining, lapels, cuffs, pockets, epaulets, buttons, button-holes. The skeleton becomes a schematic of tailored parts. The tailored structure is made abject, unformed. The body is missing."

all images courtesy of the artist and Romer Young Gallery

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