Sunday, March 11, 2012

Doux Me: Interview in Paris

I was thrilled to do this recent interview with Parisian bio cosmetic line, Doux me

Founder Caroline Wachsmuthcreated the concept of "Doux me" one day when she was presenting an aromatherapy seminar on natural skincare to students of the Aveda institute in New York. A former journalist with a strong passion for health and beauty, Caroline devoted herself to the study of essential oils and massage in South Africa for three years – later while studying massage and spa aesthetics at the Aveda institute in Minneapolis. While in South Africa, she had already started to create her own mixtures of essential oils and personalized synergies dedicated to her friends. Then, during her stay in New York and before attending the Aveda Institute, Caroline used to spend half of her days creating beauty creams in her kitchen and bathroom. Upon her return to Europe, her dream came true: launching her own skincare brand in 2002, Doux Me – the first cosmetic beauty line bearing an organic label in France.  Her company, Daylily, is a member of Cosmebio, the Professional Association of Ecologic and Organic Cosmetics.

Caroline Wachsmuth, founder of Doux me

"Doux me is a beauty care line that fulfills the dreams of those women who look for products that are 100% natural and organic, who are not fooled by an affixed label on packaging or a passing fashion trend, because they demand more for both their skin and the planet. A brand that is a pioneer: it's the very first cosmetic brand that has received the label "Ecological and Organic Cosmetic" in France."

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